Dominican Republic, April 2017 GoPro travel video

La Republica Dominicana, once unified with what is now Haiti as the island of Hispaniola, was reached by Christopher Columbus in 1492 on his maiden voyage across the Atlantic. After several decades of slave trade, the ratio of African slaves to Spaniards was twelve to one, and the influence of Africa on demography and culture exists to this today. My friend Alex and I spent our time in DR between the nearby towns of Punta Cana and Bavaro on the East Coast, where the Caribbean and Atlantic meet. I arrived first and took a guagua (local bus) from just down the road from the Airport to Veron and eventually Palma Real, changing busses three times and never knowing quite where I should be waiting for the bus and what bus to board. Regardless, I eventually reached Cocotal, the community my Airbnb was located. I spent the afternoon across the road at Melia, the sister resort of the Cocotal residence enjoying their beach and sunset. When Alex arrived the next day, we checked in to the NOW Larimar after about an hour of arguing in Spanish with the security guards over whether or not we had clearance to enter. After a quick trip down to the beach, we walked back toward Melia and took a trip up in the Canalloon, the giant tethered hot air balloon seen here. After a trip up to see the sunset views, we went back to the beach at Now Larimar for a bit before calling it an evening. The next day we traveled further inland to Bavaro, where we took dune buggies through the countryside to the Cave of Fantasy. We made the same trip back, enjoyed a quick swim at the NOW Larimar pool, and Alex was on his way. I took a motorcycle taxi all 25 km back to the airport, and thus concluded another successful Spanish immersion trip.


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