New York City, May 2017 GoPro Travel Video

In the 1960’s, Donald Trump’s father (real estate developer, Fred Trump) tried to kill Coney Island as we know it. He held a press conference in which he threw a mock funeral for the amusement park in the hopes of having it demolished and rezoned for high-rise condos. Thankfully, he was a huge loser and failed bigly, and as you can see in this video, Coney Island is still very much an amusement mecca. From the historic Coney Island Cyclone featured prominently in the cult film The Warriors to the ramshackle Wonder Wheel, the vibrant park is storied but still very relevant. Other sights seen here include the Roosevelt Island tramway, Central Park, Times Square, Governor’s Island, the Financial District charging bull (and girl), Astoria, Queens, East Village and Joe Strummer mural, Freedom Tower, Oculus Train Station, Tom’s Restaurant (from Seinfeld), Brooklyn Bridge, and Staten Island Ferry.


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